July 31, 2016



As an affiliate with BidSmith you can grow your existing business or create your own online liquidation business.  With our already established bidder base and proven marketing techniques, we eliminate the months of slow growth and set you on the right path at warp speed.  The BidSmith platform provides a modern and convenient method to eliminate older inventory, liquidate a closing business, or run a consignment based auction.

As our affiliates multiply, our bidder base grows exponentially!  More bidders simply equals higher prices for affiliates and their consignors.

Fill out the form below and a BidSmith Affiliate Specialist will be in touch.  We will answer any questions you may have and evaluate your specific needs.  If a self-supervised event with BidSmith is not the right fit, we can match you with one of our current affiliates to help you out with your event.

If you are interested in a fundraiser auction for your organization, check our our fundraiser section on the main page or check the fundraiser box below.